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вул.Курортна 10
м.Хмільник, 220 00

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Welcome to one of the most prestigious Ukrainian spas in the famous town of Chmelnik that is located in Vinnitsa region.

 This town is a balneological spa of a national importance and it occupies the area of 2049,3 hectares. It is located on the river Southern Bug in a cup-like cavity. The climate of this area is gently warm, mild, it has no sudden fluctuations in temperature, favorable for one's organism and, besides, corresponds to the "comfort zone".

The real pearl of Chmelnik spa today is "Podolie" health centre. It is situated in the woodland the majority of which is occupy conifers. The area of the forest park is 10 hectares. Today it is one of the best and well-known spas with splendidly developed infrastructure of medical business.

 By means of thorough research radium emanations (radon), free carbon dioxide, nitrogen, calcium, natrium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron, hydrocarbonates, chlorine, sulphates, iodine, bromine, trace amounts of cobalt, ammonia, resinous substance and so on were found in the extracted liquid.